Samuel: June 2017

Dear beloved family of God Dr. Jorge, Shelly and aunt Nancy,

Greetings to you in the messed name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I am happy yo let you know that we have conducted women Conference. There were 150 women came and were revived. As i mentioned in my previous post of face book. my wife have dedicated her live fully for the lord Jesus Christ and stepped into the ministry.

Well before the House dedication she said the Spirit of God keep telling her to remove jewelry and being like Holy and give her full life unto the lord. Well after her dedication this is first meeting that we had and I am so happy or my wife for her boldness, because she did not come from Pentecostal family rather she was from nominal Christian. But now she speaks tongues and making others do the same and pouring the anointing that she has and encouraging women to draw near to the Lord.

She is requesting MorningStar to send few ladies that we can have women Conference in Rajahmundry or Gadepalli, where lots women would be revived through your ministry. We can music band and praying and Preaching talking about the spiritual things of women. There are lots of women yet to be filled with Holy spirit. So we really need your ministry. If God willing please send anointed women of God to India, so that we can have great revival in our region among ladies.

We are so thankful to you for your support to the children. This month June i have received your offering to the children welfare. But we are in great need for their school supplies to and to pay 5 children college fee. As the children schools reopened, they need books and school bags and pens and pencils, and there are 5 students have to be sent to the college their annual college fee is $600 so we have to pay half if their fee.

So please remember our needs in your prayers. on June 12th tomorrow they open schools and i am praying for our Lord to open a door for school supplies need. We appreciate you and thank you for your love and your ministry. We pray that our Lord may bring you to our midst.

I am looking forward to hear from you.

Yours prayerfully,