Ebenezer: September 2011

A humble servant of India teaching Dalit (Untouchable) children with the Touch of Jesus Christ, John Ebenezer carries a burning passion for the neglected. This comes from a life of first-hand experience: a childhood spent as a member of the “untouchable” class to which he now ministers. The fruit of this experience is a labour of love which is currently reaching untouched villages with the Way, the Truth, and the Light. Pastor Ebenezer has been a CMM missionary for eleven years and an MFM member for seven. He is the overseer of 450 national pastors. A well can be drilled in one of his districts for $1,500. He is very pleased to announce the completion of a beautiful new church building which will serve the poor of India for many years. India is a land of one billion souls with over three million gods. With an average income of under $300 a year, many live in abject poverty. This answer to this dilemma is the love of Jesus.