Mallipudi: 15 November 2012

Dr. Jorge and all the CMM family,

We are very much excited to report to you what the Lord has been doing through your prayers and support.

1. Last Sunday, God used me to share about ‘being set free from sins of the world’. One of the teenage boys namely “Chinnababu” (he is an orphan teenage boy) was delivered from all his bondage and confessed all his sins and accepted Jesus as his personal Savior, and got water Baptized. Praise God. Now, we are doing a follow up as he is a new born baby in the Lord. He is full-time at the orphanage and is despised by his own brother. He wanted to commit suicide out of frustration and loneliness. God really has delivered him and saved him. He has been under our care and counseling. Please do pray for his spiritual growth.

2. Another amazing thing is some of our Sunday School children and our orphanage boys have joined together with a a great burden and passion for the LAND (next to the Church) and went to the ground and claimed the land with their FAITH IN JESUS.

Yori and I are so amazed to see their faith in Jesus. How they are trusting in Jesus and growing in the Lord for the land. We could see how God is using this land, even the little children, to grow in their faith.

Praise God for all these children and their special prayer-contribution for the LAND. God has been using us so powerfully with His word among these people. Now, we are really trusting the Lord for the LAND-DEAL AGREEMENT ON THE 26TH OF NOV. WE HAVE ONLY 12 DAYS MORE FOR THE AGREEMENT. We have to give $10,000.00 on the agreement-day. So far, we have only $4000.00. Still we are in need of  $6000.00. WE TRUST IN THE LORD. OUR HELP COMES FROM THE LORD. WE ARE EXCITED TO SEE HOW GOD WILL PROVIDE LIKE ‘MANNA & QUAIL’ FOR ISRAEL.

Tomorrow, we have set a very special prayer day again with all our prayer warriors on the land. WE BELIEVE, OUR GOD IS THE GOD OF MIRACLES. AMEN!

Please join your FAITH and PRAYERS for this need of land. So that this land will be used for the GLORY OF THE LORD AND EXTENSION OF GOD’S KINGDOM AMONG THE NON-BELIEVERS.

Thank you so much for standing with us.You are a very vital part in our vision and mission. God bless you.

In His field,
Jai and Yori

Note: Please kindly look at some of the photos of God’s faithfulness in our ministry. Thanks.