Samuel: December 2017

I am very sad to let you know that one of our church believers lost their poor Tacked House in Fire last night. They are all in great Agony. This very early in the morning I visited them and prayed with them. You can imagine how our heart melts our flock are in trouble. 

My heart was crying a lot for the loose of their House. There are 4 family members living in that House They are not in a position to start their life. They lost everything of what they have including Money. So kindly pray for their restoration. At least they need basic things to start life again. Need your love and prayers.

yours Prayerfully

Sudarsanam Samuel Chatla

Good Shepherd Compassion Ministries

Gandepalli- 533 297

East Godavari District

AP S. India. 

PH. 9866258544