Samuel February 2014

Thank you for your loving support to give water to thirsty people. We have finished all four bore wells. You have brought great change in the lives of the villagers of Y. Ramavaram. They are very much thankful for our great work. Pastor Raju is working as village pastor now and he has interaction with poor people and people of other faith. The bore wells will be helpful to evangelize his village. Above all, we desire that the people draw living water and believe by pumping water from the wells they will remember the love of Jesus. We praise God as all this has taken place because of your love and support.

As I mentioned previously, there are lots of villages that are in great need of water. They bring unclean water from small polluted ponds where people clean their water buffalo. By drinking this water they get sick with diarrhea, vomiting and other diseases. Children are born mentally retarded and people are dying. So to prevent these obstacles in the villages they need clean water. MorningStar Missions and CMM are bringing radical change to India. We have good reputation in the tribal region for the wells that we drilled. I pray that our Lord may continue to help us to drill several more bore wells in the tribal villages.

Please join with us in prayer for the need of bore wells. I appreciate your love, care and financial support to drill wells. Thank you very much.

Yours Prayerfully,
Pastor Sudarsanam Samuel