Samuel: May 2017

Dear man of God Dr. Jorge

Greetings in Jesus Precious. We are doing well by the grace of God. We had youth meeting in May 1st week and it was great revival and all the children were really blessed and gave their heart to Jesus. Moreover 14teen of our Home children gave their heart to Jesus and were Baptised. Well our work to children is not in vain. Thank God for what He is doing in our ministry. our children became women and men of God and became Soldiers for the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are in great summer having very hot weather and our children have got holidays to school and summer break from month of April and their schools re open in month of June 1st week. When our children schools re open. We need to buy school supplies and books and uniforms and fee to pay to school. Praise God there are 45 children are staying in our love and care. please remember their need in your prayers.

Our dear children are growing a lot and i feel like i am getting old i see when they are small and now i see their vast growth and they look like my brothers and sisters and they up to my tall too. i understand that days are passing very fast.

Pastor Joseph who is great man of God and our fellowship Pastor beloved wife today passed away with heart attack she is 48 years old and he is very young and he is in great agony. Pastor Joseph is very poor and humble man and good evangelist and his wife death is un memorable to all of us and he is great agony. Please pray for him. on June 6th he is having memorial service. we are going to comfort him again. please join with me in prayer and love.

Thank you very much for your love and prayers for our ministry and especially for the children. We pray that our children would become champions of Christ in the days to come. please continue to pray for us and pray for children school supply needs in month of June 1st week. i look forward to hear from you,

I hope you are in Italy and serving the Lord over there. How is your ministry there brother. God is really doing great things in our midst. please continue to pray for us.we need your blessings and love. We really thank God for CMM and your support for children. There are few other needs like Pastor Mahima Raju who need Church building.  and we are in need of 5 more water wells. pray for this to happen. i look forward to hear from you.

yours prayerfully