Spurgeon Babu: April 2013 no. 2


Dear Jorge and beloved friends,

We have two children here which have a tragic story. One is a girl named is KASAGANI SUNITHA, who is studying in standard 4 and the other is a boy named is KASAGANI NARESH, who is studying in standard 2. One day their father took a knife and killed his wife, their mother, and after a few hours he killed himself. These children thus became orphans.

Then our fellow brother, Minister Nageswara Rao, brought them to our orphanage 2 weeks back. Now they are well and happy and with our other children. They need prayer support and other supply for their studies.

Please pray for them!


Samuel: November 2012

Dear beloved Rev. Jorge Parrott and friends,

Greetings in the precious name of Jesus Christ. Well I am very happy to let you know you know that we had a wonderful and Successful 3 days of fasting and prayer meetings in the month of October (22, 23 and 24). Well, these three days we fasted and prayed for certain matters which the congregation have brought to our knowledge as prayer requests. We prayed for you that our Lord would bless you in every area as you are thinking about us and praying for us.

There were 300 people that came together to the pray with fasting and we had a wonderful time of praise and worship where our Lord used me powerfully to share the word of God and all the people were filled with Holy Spirit and we saw the Spirit of God moving in our midst. I know personally that people were filled with great power from God and have returned to their homes. I am sure that our Lord will answer all of the prayers of the people that were offered before the Lord with fasting.

It is such a great Joy for us know about you and to pray for you. We believe that our lord will bless you abundantly for everything you do over there.

We assure you of our prayers and that we will continue to pray for you. We ask for your love and prayers. We need your care. Please continue to pray for the Champions House Orphanage and the tribal ministry that we are doing.

There are widows in the tribal area which I know are starving and I would like to give them rice and clothes when I meet them next time. So please pray for this need to be met in the Lord.

I am sending fasting and prayer meetings photos please take time to look at them.

I hope to hear from you.

Yours prayerfully
Pastor Samuel
Good Shepherd Compassion Ministries