Samuel: September 2012

Dear beloved Friends,

Greetings to you in the precious and wonderful name of Jesus Christ.

We are doing well by God’s grace and happy to let you know that we had a
wonderful time of worship in the Sunday service where God helped me to share word of God on God’s provision. Our lord has helped me to bring
out new thoughts from the word and our church members were revived and
encouraged and have received hope for their lives.

Moreover, on the other hand, God is using me in the tribal area to reach
poorer people spreading the Gospel and making them aware that Jesus is
God, and that He brings life. We are wining souls and planting new churches in areas where churches have not been built and Christ is not known.

We are in the rainy season now and all farmers are cultivating rice plants.
It is a busy time for the people and for farmers for cultivation. Our dear Champions House orphan children are doing well.  Moreover I am thinking and praying about starting a Christian School for our Orphans and the children of our village. This has been my prayer for many years; I am praying that we may have continuous resource for this
to happen.

We are thinking of you and praying for you. Thank you for
your fellowship and prayers for our ministry. Please continue to write
to me and encourage me through your writings. Hope to hear from you.

Yours prayerfully
Pastor Samuel