Tatapudi: 5 July 2012

Dear Precious (friend)

I praise God for this opportunity to write after (a while) and to (communicate) with you on this great day in Jesus. Amen ! ! !

Greetings to you in Jesus Name. I hope you all are well under His safe wings because we have been praying for you daily. This is Pastor Rajesh Tatapudi and it’s a great privilege to come to your blessed feet by His love. We are feeding little orphan children but not all, some little children are working in factories as laborers (in order to be able to buy) food. I saw them and am praying for them but not doing anything because I am too poor, but I am rich in faith! I have been feeding a few children by offerings from the church.

Dear Precious friend in Jesus, what i have that I am able to come up with, but I would rather feed them all by faith in Jesus. Please kindly remember His ministry to notice little hearts in your love and kindness

You and your blessed family are in our prayers and hearts. God bless you richly for His cause

Your’s beloved Brother in Jesus

Rajesh Tatapudi

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