Spurgeon Babu: April 2013 no. 2


Dear Jorge and beloved friends,

We have two children here which have a tragic story. One is a girl named is KASAGANI SUNITHA, who is studying in standard 4 and the other is a boy named is KASAGANI NARESH, who is studying in standard 2. One day their father took a knife and killed his wife, their mother, and after a few hours he killed himself. These children thus became orphans.

Then our fellow brother, Minister Nageswara Rao, brought them to our orphanage 2 weeks back. Now they are well and happy and with our other children. They need prayer support and other supply for their studies.

Please pray for them!


Mallipudi: 28 February 2013

Dr. Jorge, mother Anna Marie and friends,

How are you? our daily prayers are with you. Wope we can hear from you soon.
Yori,the orphan children and I want to inform you that on the 7th of January was our Children’s Home (orphanage) anniversary. The children were excited for offer their thanks-giving prayers on the day. Thank you so much for all your faithful prayers and for being a channel of blessing to them.

Please pray for them. Some young boys are planning to go to Bible School this year. They want to serve the Lord in the future. Most of the children are dedicated to the ministry. Praise God.

All the children send special thanks to you and your family. Here are some of the photos of our children; both Sunday School and Orphanage children. They did very good ministry work during our Christmas outreach among the idol-worshipers.

Please continue to pray and stand with us. We are in need of more supporters for this ministry. We go through so many challenges to run this home. However, God has always been so faithful!

You are a great blessing to us. With a lots of love and gratitude,
Pastor Jai and Yori and all the children,