Mallipudi: 30 April 2013

Dear Friends,

We are happy to attach some of the pictures from the tribal gospel meetings. Thank you so much for all your prayers for these deliverance meetings. By God’s grace and with your prayers, God has used us powerfully.

Your investment in this kingdom-work, will never be in vain. We deeply appreciate your partnership, both though prayer and support. Please continue to stand with our vision to win the lost in these last days.

With great thanks and kind regards,

Pastor Jai and Yori and the llm family,


Mallipudi: 28 February 2013

Dr. Jorge, mother Anna Marie and friends,

How are you? our daily prayers are with you. Wope we can hear from you soon.
Yori,the orphan children and I want to inform you that on the 7th of January was our Children’s Home (orphanage) anniversary. The children were excited for offer their thanks-giving prayers on the day. Thank you so much for all your faithful prayers and for being a channel of blessing to them.

Please pray for them. Some young boys are planning to go to Bible School this year. They want to serve the Lord in the future. Most of the children are dedicated to the ministry. Praise God.

All the children send special thanks to you and your family. Here are some of the photos of our children; both Sunday School and Orphanage children. They did very good ministry work during our Christmas outreach among the idol-worshipers.

Please continue to pray and stand with us. We are in need of more supporters for this ministry. We go through so many challenges to run this home. However, God has always been so faithful!

You are a great blessing to us. With a lots of love and gratitude,
Pastor Jai and Yori and all the children,

Mallipudi: October 2012

Dear Dr. Jorge and mother Anna Marie and MS-CMM family,

How are you? our prayers are with you.

Yesterday, we visited some of our believers who were affected by floods which damaged their house. Yori and I were so sad to see sister Esther and her two girls having to be without shelter. Her hut-walls (made of mud) are badly broken. We prayed for them and encouraged them and moved them from the damaged-hut to a safe house. Praise God.

Here is another story about  sister Ruth. She is the only believer in her hut. Her husband is a terrible drunkard. He does not care for his wife and the children. Their hut also is badly damaged and water has been leaking through the hut roof. They basically don’t have any roof. We had to pray and encourage them. We helped to buy a plastic sheet to cover the damaged roof and stop leakage.

Moreover, one of the villages called ‘Chilakampadu’ is where brother Vijay and Maryl with three little innocent girls are serving the Lord. They are LLM missionaries. They are a very committed missionary couple. In the village, many hundreds of Hindu people and the believers are suffering from viral fevers, and diseases caused by (water) contamination, due to the cyclone which hit. Moreover our missionaries (Vijay and Mary and their three small children) are suffering, not having had clean drinking water for many months now. 

This is an emergency, serious enough for us to conduct a Free Medical Camp and help the village obtain clean drinking water now. This is a great open door to reach Hindus / non-believers with this opened door. Therefore, we are going to conduct this EMERGENCY MEDICAL CAMP and help them with drinking water. 

Please do pray for this FREE EMERGENCY MEDICAL CAMP in this village. We have to buy medical supplies and hire a doctor for it. It is estimated that this will only cost $510.

God has been using us powerfully in midst of many crises and calamities. Praise God!   THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR STANDING WITH US. WE DEEPLY APPRECIATE YOU. 

We need your prayers for this urgent need. If any body is interested in helping us with this, please encourage them to bless these people, so that the kingdom of God will be expanded.  

We love you so much.

In His grip,
Jai and Yori.

Note: Please kindly send any designated funds as soon as possible for you. Thanks.

Mallipudi: 25 July 2012

Dear CMM family,

Thank you so much for standing with us. We are so excited to report to you that today we experienced the Holy Spirit while we were interceding for the our missionary Rajaratnam and the Construction project.

It is such a great miracle that, DURING THIS PRAYER OF INTERCESSORY, THE CLOUDS WERE SURROUNDING US, BUT NO RAIN CAME TILL THE PRAYER WAS FINISHED. IT WAS GREAT NEWS FOR ALL OF US AND NON-BELIEVERS AROUND. After the time of intercessory prayer, the rain came. It’s an amazing thing to see how God uses His children in midst of many challenges and idol-worshipers. Praise God.

Another amazing testimony is one of the poor woman (a believer) has contributed 4 CEMENT BAGS for the Children’s dormitory construction. It is a great challenging testimony among our believers how the Holy Spirit spoke to her give to the Lord out of her poverty. This is a good sign that God is going to show His abundance of blessings to complete this construction project.

More over, one of the believers namely ‘Ruth’ has seen a VISION while we were interceding today. In the vision, she could see the PERFECT CONSTRUCTION OF THE HOME AND MANY SERVANTS OF GOD AND CHILDREN PRAISING GOD POWERFULLY.

After seeing the vision, we were so happy and rejoiced in the Lord.

Today’s prayer was very powerful and effective. Praise God for this special prayer time. We are very much refreshed. Our orphanage children received the power of the Holy Spirit. We are so happy with this new experience in the Spirit.

Please you can look at the CONSTRUCTION PROJECT picture:
We need to buy bricks (10,000), cement bags (150), sand (3 trucks), iron (2tons), rocks (2 trucks) and wood (4 doors & 6 windows). We trust in the Lord for all these materials. It is estimated $4,000 still.

We don’t want to be a burden with all these needs. We just want to request you to pray and stand with us as the Lord leads you.

Special thanks to you from Yori and all the children..

With a lots of love and gratitude,
Jai & Yori