Spurgeon Babu: May 14 2013


Dear Dr. Jorge and Friends,

Hearty greetings to you all in the wonderful precious name of our Saviour Jesus Christ!

I would like to share a brief report about our YOUTH GOSPEL CRUSADE Ministry 36th Annual Believers Revival Convention in February 19 to 22, 2013. Everyday more than 6,000 people attended and were blessed by a filling of the Holy Ghost. We conducted 2 sessions in the day-time and evening Crusades. In the day-time meeting, 800 to 1000 people participated and in the evenings 6,000 to 7,000 people attended, under the tents.

We served free meals 2 times a day. 7 ministers were ordained. Dr. Neil Anderson, Rev. Bhagawandas, Bishop Sugandha Ratnam, Rev. Michael Das and Apostle Spurgeon Babu delivered the messages. Christ Comes Choir gave wonderful spiritual praise and worship. At the end of the convention 24 new souls were baptised in water. After 4 days people returned home with great annointing and heavenly blessings.

On the 2nd day we felicitated Proffessor, Dr. George Victor, Vice-Chancellor, Aadikavi Nannaya University-Rajahmundry. God uplifted a born again Christian to this position. We praised God for His mercy. He is husband to my 2nd sister, Esther Siromani. Here are a few photos from the event.

Thank you for your continued support, powerful prayers  and compassion that are a blessing to all children, widows and needy in their hard time of need all around India. “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me” Mathew 25:40.

May God bless you richly and abundantly.
Have a Blessed prosperous day!

With Regards and Thanks,
Your’s in His Works,
Sincere Servant of God,

Spurgeon Babu
Founder & President

Mallipudi: 30 April 2013

Dear Friends,

We are happy to attach some of the pictures from the tribal gospel meetings. Thank you so much for all your prayers for these deliverance meetings. By God’s grace and with your prayers, God has used us powerfully.

Your investment in this kingdom-work, will never be in vain. We deeply appreciate your partnership, both though prayer and support. Please continue to stand with our vision to win the lost in these last days.

With great thanks and kind regards,

Pastor Jai and Yori and the llm family,


Vargis: April 2013

Mania is a sleepy village tucked deep in the hills of the Eastern Ghats of north India. A few hundred people lived in the mud thatched roofed huts scattered in the open space surrounded by the mountains. They worshipped Patdevta, a spirit god.

Patdevta was believed to reside in a sacred brass pot. This sacred pot rested in the house of the village priest, Sriharia. A consecrated sword, used to sacrifice animals to appease it, neatly rested next to the sacred pot. Babulal, the oldest son of the priest, was being trained to carry out the animal sacrifice for Patdevta net year.

One day an IET evangelist visited the village and began to share about Jesus Christ. Sriharia was furious. He asked his son to protect the ways of their ancestors. So, a few days later when another evangelist paid a visit to the village he was beaten up by a gang of young men led by Babulal. “We beat him up severely. I tore the gospel tracts. And, we threatened him to never return if he loved his life,” says Babulal.

Sriharia was proud of his son. In the month of May, Babulal would lead the sacrifice of the three year old black ram for the spirit-god. The appeased God would then protect the children, give good rains and good crops.

Who Will Set Us Free?

Meanwhile, Sriharia began to grow worried. His wife had been suffering from an issue of blood for several months. She had now become extremely weak and found it difficult to even stand up properly.

Sriharia did the required sacrifices. He invited the most powerful withdoctors and tried everything in his power. Yet, the flow of blood continued unabated. The family then decided to carry her to the hospital. The doctors could not understand the reason or offer a cure. One day she lost all consciousness. The family now waited for death.

Babulal was very disturbed. It had been few days since his mother had become unconscious. “Who will set us free from this curse?” he thought. Then he remembered the words of the evangelist, who had shared about a Jesus who heals. He was afraid to share his thoughts with others.

Towards Light

Babulal decided to visit the evangelist. He walked the narrow trail from his village, hoping against all hope for a miracle. “It was one of the most difficult walks of my life,” remembers Babulal. If his father would find out, it would mean possible death.

Babulal reached the house of the IET evangelist. He heard beautiful singing coming from the house and was surprised to find a group of people singing with lifted hands. It was Sunday and Babulal was not accustomed to the ways of the Christians.

As the meeting progressed, Babulal kept asking only one thing, “Oh God of these people, if you are true then please heal my mother.” The IET evangelist, Nakul, agreed to visit the village that evening.

Fully Healed!

The entire village was angry at Babulal for inviting the evangelist to their house, however they were not going to hurt Nakul because today he was an invited guest. Nakul took oil, prayed for the unconscious lady and declared, “She has been set free. You will see her healing today.” True to the word, that evening Babulal’s mother regained complete consciousness.

Nakul continued to visit them every day for prayer and within one week Sriharia’s wife was fully healed. Once the healing was complete, Babulal forgot Jesus.

Captured Again

After few months Babulal fell sick. He was taken to the hospital but they were told that he would not live long. Surprisingly, Babulal saw Nakul visiting a friend in the hospital that day. Babulal repented and asked Nakul to pray for him. He walked out of the hospital that very evening, completely healed. “I was captured again by the love of Christ,” says Babulal.

Babulal came home and told his father he had decided to follow Christ and wanted to serve Him. Sriharia warned, “You cannot follow Jesus.” Babulal was afraid of the villagers and his father. So, he began to attend an IET church in a neighboring village. But, the news soon reached the ears of Babulal’s father. He was furious. Babulal tried to reason with his father and expressed a call of God to serve in ministry. His father said, “I do not know what you are saying. You are to carry on the ways of our ancestors. I will have none of this.”

Encounter with the Tiger

Babulal wrestled with the call of God and the fear of his father. That night he decided to go to his wife’s village. He was joined by two friends, one of them a believer. It was a full moon so they did not take fire. The trail through the forest shone clearly.

They then heard a low growl. The friends froze. A tiger was sitting next to its kill, about ten feet away. The tiger turned towards them. Babulal cried out to Jesus. Surprisingly, the tiger froze and stood still. One of the young men bolted. Babulal told his believer friend, “If we take this kill to my father and show him that our God not only protected us but allowed us to take away the tiger’s kill, then it will be a sign to him.” The friend, shivering, asked, “How can that be? It is difficult to take the food from a cat. How can we take this fresh kill from a hungry tiger?” Babulal did not respond but started to pray.

To their surprise, the tiger quietly moved back and then went and sat under a nearby tree, about 20 feet away. Babulal, emboldened, walked upto the kill. It was a freshly killed young calf. He and his friend then carried the half eaten calf to their village.

Go and Serve Jesus

The friend who had escaped had meanwhile alerted the village. “That must be the maneater. Babulal must be dead by now,” the villagers said. So, they were surprised to see a laughing Babulal and his friend walk into the village with a tiger kill.

The villagers put up the kill on a pole and took it around the village to show everyone. One shouted, “Babulal’s Jesus lives. He has protected him from the maneater.”

Sriharia put his hands on Babulal that night and said, “Go and serve Jesus.”

The Mountains shall Sing!

Babulal was trained in one of the many regional bible schools of IET. After training, he was sent back to Mania, his own village. Facing initial resistance, Babulal was able to bring his father to the Lord the first month The next month, a person fully lame in one leg got healed during prayer. He and his family put their faith in Jesus Christ. In less than a year, thirty four more were added to the growing congregation. Today, more than 35 families worship the living God every Sunday morning and every weekday evening at Mania. The former priest of Patdevta now serves Yeeshu dev, Lord Jesus!

Babulal has since then planted another seven churches in various villages in the hills of the Eastern Ghats of north India. He has also raised up six evangelists and oversees 7 church planters as a junior leader of Indian Evangelical Team.

“These mountains are today singing to the Lord,” says a smiling Babulal. “I will not rest until every village has been reached. This life belongs to my Lord,” he says.

God Bless you [Khuda Barkat de],

Yours to count on to see India is evangelized in our life time. No one can do it alone. But together we can do it. Let us do it – now… together

P.G. Vargis
“Plant a church where there is no church”

Mallipudi: February 2013

Dear precious Friends,

We are very excited to share with you that our Children’s Home (Orphanage) anniversary went off well with the help of the Holy Spirit. We did not spend much money for this function or anything to celebrate it. It was a very normal and simple meeting. We can tell you it was really beyond our imagination when we saw our children’s (orphan) commitment and fire for the Lord yesterday.

There are four boys out of 10 who have decided themselves to become devout followers of Jesus Christ. This is very good and exciting news to me and Yori and of course for you too. These are also the four boys (RAJU, CHINA RAJU, JOSEPH, AND DANIEL) who were full orphans. Yori and I picked them from their abandoned life in 2005. The other 6 children are from a semi-orphan background. Each child’s story is very sad. The four boys have committed to future ministry. They are planning to go to the Bible School after their schooling/college. Now, with your prayers and support, God has blessed them with many talents and gifts. We are very happy to see their growth in the Lord. They are very hopeful. Every day they study the Bible, and spend one hour in prayer with our Heavenly Father, in midst of the busy schedule of their education. My wife and I went through so many practical challenges and pressures with these children. But when we looked at their testimonies yesterday, we are more than happy to say that our investment is not in vain. Praise God!!!

Once again, thank you so much for all your prayers and support and all the help given for these orphan boys. Please continue to pray and stand with us.

In His grip,
Jai and Yori

Prayer requests: 

  1. Please continue to pray for my wife’s (Yori) visa-extension permit. Still she has not got it. Tomorrow, I am going to talk to the respective officials. The government is totally corrupted with bribes. Please do pray for favor and release of the visa-papers for Yori. This is quite a pressure now.
  2. Please do pray for Raju, Joseph, Daniel and China-Raju as they have dedicated themselves for the God’s work in the future. We also need some regular supporters for their schooling / college and also Bible School-training.
  3. Please do pray for the land-registration that we got an agreement for a month ago. We have to get the registration done to own the land. More than half of the money has been given to the land-lord. Still we have $7,000.00 to pay by the 14th. of February.

Mallipudi: January 2013

Dear Dr.Jorge and Friends,

First of all, we as a family at Light of Life Ministries (LLM) want to say a BIG THANKS for all your support for the land. We are so thankful to you for all your contributions, especially for Jim and the family. And also, OUR SPECIAL THANKS TO YOU AND DR. JORGE for being a great channel of blessing for us. Once again, thank you so much. This land is going to be used very powerfully for the extension of God’s kingdom.

Secondly, we are very excited to report to you that the Lord has used our team for Evangelism yesterday very effectively in midst of many challenges, especially the challenge of transportation (no vehicle for our team to go). 

Under the leadership of brother Vijay and Suvarna Raju, 20 people from our Church, went to do street evangelism. Youth, and adults have involved with much dedication. The village is full of idols and dominated by non-believers/anti-Christians. The population of this village is 5000. Sad to say that 0.5% are Christians. 

All our team have visited there with gospel tracts and invited the villages who are in a hopeless situation to our night-time open air meeting. Many people could attend this meeting. Amazingly, God has used the team, Yori and I to teach “WHO IS JESUS TO ALL OF US?” Many people think that Jesus is only for one caste, few people or a foreign god. 

After hearing the gospel from Jn.5:1-9. Many came forward to receive the prayer. We have encouraged a local pastor to do the follow up.  Praise God for the wonderful work of the Holy Spirit in the midst of many challenges. 

Please continue to pray for our evangelism team. Last Thursday the team committed to reach one village every month. Whoever accepts the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior, will be handed to the near-by Church-pastor/leader for a follow up. If they don’t have any Church near by, our team leaders (Vijay and Suvarna Raju) will do the follow up.

Now, the team needs a proper PA system to conduct open air meetings every month, so that we can reach more souls.
We believe this is a very effective ministry, in comparison with conducting big and expensive crusades. Please stand with us in prayer. Your prayers are very powerful to us. We experience the power of God here in the ministry. Once again thank you so much.

Hope to hear from you,
In His field,
Pastor Jai and Yori, and the Team of Evangelism, India.

Note: Please look at some of the photos of yesterday’s evangelism. Thanks.

Mallipudi: April 2012

pastor Jai conducting water Baptism for a Hindu convert..JPG

Pastor Jai conducting water Baptism for a Hindu convert


First of all, we are so happy to report you that we have interceded for you during our whole night fasting and prayer.

Yori and I are very much rejoicing in the Lord for the Lord has been doing through your prayers and support. Special thanks and regards to you from Yori and all the orphanage children and missionaries in the field. You are a such a great blessing for all of us.

Yesterday, one Hindu lady accepted the Lord as her personal Savior. Her name is “Susi”. She was very strong Hindu woman and used to do all idol worship and very naughty lady. Her husband also is a Hindu man. Sister Susi came for the worship service through one of the believers to our Church. The Holy Spirit spoke to her heart from the story of Samaritan woman. Sister Susi did confess all her sins and accepted Jesus as her personal Savior. Praise God.

But one side, she was so afraid of her husband and the family background to take the water Baptism. In midst of many challenges, sister Susi step forward boldly, she got water Baptism in the night at 9pm. secretly without knowing her family.

Please do pray that she will grow in the the faith in Jesus in midst of challenging situation. God has been using Yori and all the LLM team to win many souls in these last days.




1. Our yearly V.B.S. is going to be held 2nd to 4th of May. We are planning to reach only STREET CHILDREN AND NON-CHRISTIAN CHILDREN. We are planning to reach 300 children for this V.B.S. Now, it is been Summer Season. The weather is very hot now. It is estimated $500 for all expanses (food, drinking-water, generator, transportation and stationary).

2. YORI AND I are planning to take our orphanage boys for their OUTING during this Summer holidays. On 7th to 9th May. Please do pray and stand with us. Thanks.

3. Our orphanage boys don’t have enough accomadation as they are growing bigger. We want build two more rooms and toilets for them. We want to start this construction during this Summer. It is estimated $3,500. Please stand with us in this project. Thanks.